Ice cream condensed milk and Greek yogurt

Taking advantage of the fact that I still had enough condensed milk, after the sponge cake I made, and since I had already opened the homemade ice cream season, I made this delicious ice cream that I found in the blog Cogollos de Agua.

It is a very rich and creamy ice cream, not cloying or sweet, despite what it may seem to bring condensed milk . It is made with only three ingredients and the result is a delight.
Ideal for the little ones of the house and for the not so small, who want to treat themselves from time to time , because according to a recent study from the Medical Center of the University of Maryland, ice creams contain tryptophan , an amino acid that calms us and reduces aggression, increasing the production of serotonin (the hormone of well-being). That helps to fight stress, to relax and sleep better.

Well, that does not miss an ice cream in our diet and if it is homemade and as delicious as this one, much better .


  • 500 gr of condensed milk
  • 225 gr of yogurt Greek natural sugar-free
  • 150 ml whole milk


We heat the milk and dissolve in her condensed milk.
We add the yoghurts and stir well until all the ingredients are integrated.
We cover the container and refrigerate for about four hours, until it is very cold.

We put in place the refrigerator and little by little we pour the mixture through the mouth. Let it be done for about 30 minutes, until it acquires the density and ideal texture.

If we do not have a refrigerator, we take it to the freezer and every 30 minutes we remove it with some rods to avoid crystallization. We repeat this operation about four times.

Irresistible, as you can see !!! ;)